Product evolution

The mobile phone evolution has changed dramatically over the years not only its shape, size and colors but its systems as well. The first mobile was introduced to the market in 1983 by the Motorola company. By the time of 1989 the design of the newest mobile device has changed in size as it was a lot smaller and easier to carry around. IN 1994 Nokia has introduced there model of first mass-produced GSM phone, they had got rid of the big antenna wires and had more of a modern look to them. 1993 the first PDA/phone was released and had a massive success, this was the beginning of the new style of mobile phones. Smartphones which is what is used now a days was created in 1998. As the years went by the design of this product got better by 2007 Apple had released there first I-phone with a full touchscreen processor. However by 2015 most smartphones are touchscreen and are massively smaller than how they started out.