Effect on colour on interior and mood

Brown:  Brown is used as a relaxing comforting colour in a house, its the colour of nature  like trees, plants etc. It reminds us of chocolate, coffee and cakes. Because in many places brown is the colour of the earth so it gives a satisfaction of safety and stability.  Modern-Two-Bedroom-Apartment-Design-with-Brown-Color-e1311791155974

Black: black gives an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere in a room. People would be discouraged to use black as  it would block or change the lighting. if it is put on a light or neutral background color, everything which is black will stand out, you can get beautiful visions by using a black colour but do not use too much black, use it only to highlight certain things.


Yellow: Yellow gives a very vibrant and colourful touch to a room. If used as a colour on a wall then a light yellow can give the effect of sunshine in your room, if a darker shade of yellow is used it may give a damp feeling.


Red: Red can be used to give a stimulating effect, Red indicates threat so it can increase heart rate and blood.With a warmer shade you can feel very relaxed.A room with red can increase the level of passion, it is also known to increase appetite.


Pink: Pink in a room can give a fresh feeling, even though in many countries it is a feminine colour. The actual effect of this colour is soothing and comfortable. Because many shades of pink are fresh and sweet it is combined as being a sweet colour.Favorite-Girls-Bedrooms-1

Green: Green is a cool color that symbolizes nature and the natural world.relieve stress and helps heal it also has the same calming qualities as blue. People with green environment do not go through as many stomach aches.


Blue: It helps brings blood pressure down, however Dark blue has the opposite effect, evoking feelings of sadness. It has been show that people work more effectively in a blue surrounding.


Purple: It is combined too look sophisticated and elegant. It has the ability to  evoke feelings of wisdom and royalty, it is a colour used to attract the eye as it stands out a a lot, it is said that people that wear purple do it to stand out.


Orange: It gives out excitement,enthusiasm, energy and in general good vibes.this color is great for an exercise room, in the old days it was said that this colour helped increase energy levels.

Crimson: This colour provokes anger and range after sitting in this colour surroundings for a long time. It should be avoided in main rooms, it will mess up the atmosphere in the house as it does not create a satisfying atmosphere.

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