Health effects faced by teachers & students

Health and safety in school is a major thing, teachers are in high risk or catching a sickness. Not only th teachers but a class as a whole, if one person is sick most likely another person will be infected.

Risks that could be available is a simple cold if a child sneezes or coughs it is spreading germs the teacher then is open to any infections that could affect his/her health. Different objects in a class may affect what the teacher concentrates on, if there is a faulty desk or chair then a lot of caution must be paid. Different electronic devices could be faulty and again both groups could be in danger of being injured. If a staircase is often used there could be some accidents and some could be serious. Sharp objects could be a threat, using scissors or a knife could be left about. If someone has an allergy to something that many people use in their everyday life then everyone has to be cautious as that person may have a serious allergy and could be in big danger.