Recycling 6.2

Recyclable and recycled products have a difference, recyclable means that it can be recycled after use and is usually is 1 hand however recycled means that it has already been used and is being used again mostly 2nd hand things.

There are many companies that use 100% recycled materials. One of them is a fashion line that is called G-star. They use denim from recycled oceans plastic! There aim is to raise awareness for the problem of plastic pollution in the oceans.  They take plastic in the ocean and turn them into denim for there line of jeans. They get help with Bionic Yarn, engineer of the yarns, and Parley, and  the ocean cleanups and research. They unfortunately can not take every piece of plastic from the ocean but they try to strive as much as thy can.!/tagged/game/6

Another type of company uses recyclable materials which means further along the future they will be able to make something else out of it when they are done with it, and example of this company is Dell that specialize in electronics, they use materials that are easily changed after use is finished, and they package in a way so that it as Eco-friendly as possible. They use highly renewable materials such as mushrooms and bamboo. They also cut down on the number of screws they use so that is can be separated and allow the parts to be easily re-used again. They also use  snap fits so that recyclers don’t have to struggle with very strong glue.


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