Product Design Cycle

A product design cycle is  a diagram that follows step by step a detailed review on how to achieve the product and meet all standards needed before being releasing it onto the market or to be used!

I will be using an example of a wooden bench throughout my explanation. This is how each step is used and a detailed explanation for each product from research, specification, plan,design,testing and evaluation, this will help you understand what is done in each step.

  • First you start of with brief is what the customer is requesting, it is a customers want and need, it helps designers know what requirements are requested from each customer. e.g-The customer is requesting a shorter bench to suit his height.
  • Then the designers will need to research. This is information needed to know about the product how it is made and what type, design is wanted by the customers, this an be done by looking at different sources. e.g- what type of bench the customer is wanting, colour, exact measurements, style.
  • A designer must make sure products meet the product specification, it has to do and please the customers requirements. The designer has to find out what materials are better to use and what the customer wants it to be made out, height should be measured out as well. e.g- Type of wood for the bench is needed so that planning can start and exact measurements of what size the customers wants it to be.
  • A plan is then made, an outline of the product so that the designer knows what it will look like and a sketch of the design. Dimensions, details and materials are also shown. e.g- The designer will sketch out a plan of the bench for the customer so that he sees what he is going to receive.
  • After research and looking into the product, a design is made before the product is released to test it out and see how the product actually looks in reality, this step is used for testing development and evaluation, this way they can also check if they met there required needs. e.g- A bench will be designed so that the customer can try it out and see if it is what he was looking for if yes then they will move on to testing and making a better version or adjustments.
  • For the final step testing and evaluation is taken place it is an important step, it confirms that everything that has been made is correct, it also identify’s any faults, the customer can also gives a review. If everything is in place the product is then released and sold to the customers. e.g- the bench is finally made last testing and adjustments are made and then the man that ordered the wooden bench can change anything at the last time and then he is ready to buy it from the designer.

So this is a detailed review of what steps are taken before a design is released.



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