product analysis

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I like this style as it has the colours that i want to use and the idea behind it however the skirt is not the way i will take the design as mine will be more flowy instead of tutu as most of my target market will not go for something like this if they see it on the runway and they may associate it for ages 10-12. However the colour blending with the candy themed is the direction I want to take it for the runway one however for the skirt people will purchase it will be more realistic and casual rather than a multicoloured candy themed dress.

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Similar to the other one this again had a younger impact on its design but the colour again are a good fit to my skirt. This skirt is more of what i am going for as it is not a complete tutu and does still have a puff that will it give it that extra craziness and creativity aspect to it. I will add more colours to the dress as this one only has pink, blue and a bit of white.


The skirt on this is almost exactly what i am going for, take away the top part which will not be attached to it, this design with a longer length is my aim. The colours all mixed resembles candy things and looks fun and the puffiness is good as it isn’t to tutu style but rather at a longer length a good size for older ages once it has been tonned down to a casual look.


This design i find really cute, i like the way it was designed and how each colour has a different ribbon at the end i find it very fascinating. If at a longer length and more candy accessories sewed on i think it would be the perfect runway skirt. It is fun, colourful, young and does not seem that hard to make compared to other skirts in that categories that i have seen.



After researching and asking different groups of people about my hat idea i came to the conclusion that it would be very difficult to meet customer specification as that type of accessories varies with each persons personality. I decided to change to doing a skirt instead as i find it will be more suitable and easier to create. I made another questionnaire and asked what colors they would prefer in a skirt most people said they would prefer basic black or white or natural colors. I targeted people that are interested in fashion and that are willing to spend money on a piece of clothing, I asked older women that work with my mother that fitted that category. I went into high street stores and saw that jean skirts where popular, however the more expensive ones where leaning more with silk materials.

I asked questions about pricing and most women where whiling to spend 50-100 on the skirt however if it was from a runway they would be more lenient to raise the price. I also asked what type of skirt they would be interested in weather that would be long, mini, knee length or even skorts and on average most preferred knee length. Material wise i will go with softer materials as they are easier to work with and cheaper to buy so if any mistakes are made then it can easily be replaced. For my runway skirt i have decided to do a knee length puffy skirt with lots of candy stuck on to it to make it look artistic and show imagination but for the customer one as they want more natural colors i will need to find a way of mixing the colors so that it has the same idea but is more of a casual look.


  1. What is your age?
  2. Do you like the idea of accessorizing with a hat?
    – yes
    – no
  3. Would you buy an expensive designer hat for a fancy social event? e.g wedding,dressage
  4. How much would you be willing to pay?
  5. Where would go to look for a hat like this?
    – High Street shops
    – Shopping center
    – Designer outlets
  6.  What color schemes would you go for?
    – Basic Black and White
    – Multicolored
    – Big extravagant hat
    – Very casual
  7. If you saw the hat on a runway show would you be more lenient to purchase a hat?
  8. What materials would you prefer the hat to be made of?
    – Silk
    – Felt
    – cotton
    – Not bothered
  9.  Would you wear it more than once?
    – yes
    – no
  10. Would you like your hat to have an embellishment?
    – None
    – Some
    – the more the better
  11.  What style would you like your hat?
    – Classic
    – Crazy-yo
    – conservative


H.W 12.2: Client profile

My target market will be aimed for clients that are planning to go to big events such as weddings, party’s very extravagant places. My age group is aimed for mature older women that are into this type of accessories as in modern day younger teens do not  seem to be interested in that fashion garment. These women will be targeted by looking at there income which should be over 50,000 annually, and come from rich backgrounds. These women will be ones who are willing to spend a good amount of money on a hat for the special occasion. Women that shop at brand stores and tend to spend a lot on fashion and are not scared to take it to an extreme level.  There family is married with 3-4 children  with full time jobs, they will most likely own expensive cars and care a lot about looks and there reputation.

Project: Context and Design Brief.

For my project i have decided to choose task 15 from the fashion section. I am asked to design an outraged fashion garment or accessory that would be displayed in the next London Fashion show however would then be able to be used as a casual accessories with the same concept behind it. I have chosen to do this project because i think it suits me as a person and i can easily come up with something extreme, finding the materials and designing  something is also something i don’t think i will have any problems or difficulty finding or designing with this concept behind it.

My idea is to design  and manufacture a hat that has vibrant colors and very large in size something that is very unusual, and then try and decrease the size of it and make it look like a hat that could be worn for a wedding or party without looking to over the top.