After researching and asking different groups of people about my hat idea i came to the conclusion that it would be very difficult to meet customer specification as that type of accessories varies with each persons personality. I decided to change to doing a skirt instead as i find it will be more suitable and easier to create. I made another questionnaire and asked what colors they would prefer in a skirt most people said they would prefer basic black or white or natural colors. I targeted people that are interested in fashion and that are willing to spend money on a piece of clothing, I asked older women that work with my mother that fitted that category. I went into high street stores and saw that jean skirts where popular, however the more expensive ones where leaning more with silk materials.

I asked questions about pricing and most women where whiling to spend 50-100 on the skirt however if it was from a runway they would be more lenient to raise the price. I also asked what type of skirt they would be interested in weather that would be long, mini, knee length or even skorts and on average most preferred knee length. Material wise i will go with softer materials as they are easier to work with and cheaper to buy so if any mistakes are made then it can easily be replaced. For my runway skirt i have decided to do a knee length puffy skirt with lots of candy stuck on to it to make it look artistic and show imagination but for the customer one as they want more natural colors i will need to find a way of mixing the colors so that it has the same idea but is more of a casual look.


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