product analysis

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I like this style as it has the colours that i want to use and the idea behind it however the skirt is not the way i will take the design as mine will be more flowy instead of tutu as most of my target market will not go for something like this if they see it on the runway and they may associate it for ages 10-12. However the colour blending with the candy themed is the direction I want to take it for the runway one however for the skirt people will purchase it will be more realistic and casual rather than a multicoloured candy themed dress.

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Similar to the other one this again had a younger impact on its design but the colour again are a good fit to my skirt. This skirt is more of what i am going for as it is not a complete tutu and does still have a puff that will it give it that extra craziness and creativity aspect to it. I will add more colours to the dress as this one only has pink, blue and a bit of white.


The skirt on this is almost exactly what i am going for, take away the top part which will not be attached to it, this design with a longer length is my aim. The colours all mixed resembles candy things and looks fun and the puffiness is good as it isn’t to tutu style but rather at a longer length a good size for older ages once it has been tonned down to a casual look.


This design i find really cute, i like the way it was designed and how each colour has a different ribbon at the end i find it very fascinating. If at a longer length and more candy accessories sewed on i think it would be the perfect runway skirt. It is fun, colourful, young and does not seem that hard to make compared to other skirts in that categories that i have seen.


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