Wider Issues

My product will need to be carefully manufactured so that materials do not fall of easily, that the materials itself are not dangerous in any way e.g intensely flammable. It should not be dangerous to the skin in any way and cause rashes. My skirt needs to be socially acceptable not being to short or give out any disrespectful signs that may disturb buyers.

My materials will be cheap materials and also materials that have not come from an animals or have to do with any animal abuse. This is important as consumers may be extremely put off buying my product if they know that animal cruelty has been used to make this skirt.

Safety wise I will make sure that no pointy sharp things are sticking out, that nothing is discomforting for the person wearing it and is fairly straight forward to put on and then take off. The waste will be elastic so the consumer feels more comfortable and not so tight or loose if not adjusted properly.


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