Forest Stewardship Council

FSC is an organisation that helps forests from dying out, it makes sure that timber is in the right amount needed for the forest to function as normal. They help local people but also society in general providing them with long term benefits but also motivates local people to also want to help out with the forest that will have to do with long term plans. Economically they make enough money so that they can function there organisation but not have any effect on the people. There global plan has provided a certification system that helps the people have a positive impact on forests all around.The Forest Stewardship Council mission is to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management of the world’s forests. Why are forests important to them?

  • people depend on forests because they filter most water and drinks we digests.
  • There home to thousands of endangered species
  • In the US most forest are privately owned and if these people do not end up with some kind of profit they will turn the land to farms, ranches etc. By 1992 – 2020 it is estimated that most of the land will be turned into suburban real estate development.
  • They are helping forest for future generations they have managed to achieve more than 40,000 to become American family forest owners and are FSC certified.

Health effects faced by teachers & students

Health and safety in school is a major thing, teachers are in high risk or catching a sickness. Not only th teachers but a class as a whole, if one person is sick most likely another person will be infected.

Risks that could be available is a simple cold if a child sneezes or coughs it is spreading germs the teacher then is open to any infections that could affect his/her health. Different objects in a class may affect what the teacher concentrates on, if there is a faulty desk or chair then a lot of caution must be paid. Different electronic devices could be faulty and again both groups could be in danger of being injured. If a staircase is often used there could be some accidents and some could be serious. Sharp objects could be a threat, using scissors or a knife could be left about. If someone has an allergy to something that many people use in their everyday life then everyone has to be cautious as that person may have a serious allergy and could be in big danger.



Ergonomics and anthropometrics

Ergonomics is the basic study and relationship between people, products and the environment in general. However anthropomenric is the study of different human measurements, that are taken to be applied to products

Ergonomics can be very important and beneficial to our every day lives and has been studied and worked on to the point where we doing even realize. It also helps improve productivity, if the job or task is physically hard or partially annoying this will decrease the productivity that worker will produce, If it is made and designed in an easier method then a worker will not be as hesitant on getting the job done faster. Another important thing would be that ergonomics ensure safety most of the time, as a lot of thought and detail has gone into designing the product so that it is as well as efficient for its use but also safe enough.

Anthropometric’s, This is important as it studies people’s size so that manufactures know what sizes and measurements to use for there product. It is important because if manufactures choose random measurements chances that the mass of the population would be able to use it would be low. So anthropometrics can more or less guarantee a suitable fit. However many people that are either very tall or short will still struggle o finding a descent size as the actually product is not structured for them.

An example of how ergonomics and anthropometics is used together is an office chair. Ergonomics would have to study a way to make the chair comfortable as people tend to spend many hours a day sitting. They would need to find a way to help relax the body so that no weight is being applied, it is not in the way of other furniture objects, and that no strains or painful things happen while using the chair. They should measure the back of the chair, the weight of it, how low the seat goes, the height and so on. Anthropometrics will measure a number amount of people and find the average, they will measure all the different body parts so that it can be applied. There job is to measure the people where as ergonomics measure the product according to the people.70b9fa7790a28901450de30bde3140bb

Effect on colour on interior and mood

Brown:  Brown is used as a relaxing comforting colour in a house, its the colour of nature  like trees, plants etc. It reminds us of chocolate, coffee and cakes. Because in many places brown is the colour of the earth so it gives a satisfaction of safety and stability.  Modern-Two-Bedroom-Apartment-Design-with-Brown-Color-e1311791155974

Black: black gives an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere in a room. People would be discouraged to use black as  it would block or change the lighting. if it is put on a light or neutral background color, everything which is black will stand out, you can get beautiful visions by using a black colour but do not use too much black, use it only to highlight certain things.


Yellow: Yellow gives a very vibrant and colourful touch to a room. If used as a colour on a wall then a light yellow can give the effect of sunshine in your room, if a darker shade of yellow is used it may give a damp feeling.


Red: Red can be used to give a stimulating effect, Red indicates threat so it can increase heart rate and blood.With a warmer shade you can feel very relaxed.A room with red can increase the level of passion, it is also known to increase appetite.


Pink: Pink in a room can give a fresh feeling, even though in many countries it is a feminine colour. The actual effect of this colour is soothing and comfortable. Because many shades of pink are fresh and sweet it is combined as being a sweet colour.Favorite-Girls-Bedrooms-1

Green: Green is a cool color that symbolizes nature and the natural world.relieve stress and helps heal it also has the same calming qualities as blue. People with green environment do not go through as many stomach aches.


Blue: It helps brings blood pressure down, however Dark blue has the opposite effect, evoking feelings of sadness. It has been show that people work more effectively in a blue surrounding.


Purple: It is combined too look sophisticated and elegant. It has the ability to  evoke feelings of wisdom and royalty, it is a colour used to attract the eye as it stands out a a lot, it is said that people that wear purple do it to stand out.


Orange: It gives out excitement,enthusiasm, energy and in general good vibes.this color is great for an exercise room, in the old days it was said that this colour helped increase energy levels.

Crimson: This colour provokes anger and range after sitting in this colour surroundings for a long time. It should be avoided in main rooms, it will mess up the atmosphere in the house as it does not create a satisfying atmosphere.

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Shelve proportion

The shelve will be placed as a place to put decorations and ornaments as a display. Because the shelve is going to be placed for decoration it is not advised for people and especially the younger ones to be able to reach it and to only be accessed by using a chair or a very tall person.

We measured an equal amount of boys and girls to find the tallest and shortest students to get the most suitable height for the shelve to be placed. Our tallest person found was 1.97m and the shortest 1.49m, all together a total of 22 people where measured.

The wall itself is 2.45m so we decided that the mos suitable measurement would be to place the shelve at 2 meters so that there is space for a decent size ornament to be placed but at the same time even our tallest measurement will just be able to see above it.

Food labels.


Organic Association while making      product



CTjiGlLUcAA69GU   All Natural products in the food


Nutrition facts about food



CTirDtFWIAAfbi5   Fat free ingredients in the product

CTdoPmjVEAA9i5X   100% all natural ingredients in the product

organic-banana-400x400   Full organic product                                                        FOP - Pie label - Picture 1

Ingredients nutrients in the product




download  Certified gluten-free meaning there is no gluten in the product


No grams trans fat in this product ! 🙂



Recycled paperboard label used on  certain products.


CSfzg5zVEAAnnj6  Certified that the product is full organic!

images (3)


No sugar in the product


gogurt-package-design    Low fat yogurt used in the prduct



Omega 3 labelled!




100% natural produtcs label

Technology push in Dyson hand dryer

Technology push is how a product progresses due to how technology also advances and also how new things are being sold on the market as more things are being invented. Dyson have improved there hand dryers, from little ones on the wall to big machines that have amazing drying skills mxHYkN1VtcrfUw3DbBZCQOg.

Technology push has had a massive input on this device as more machine products are being invented the more are used on this product to help everyday life. Al ot of structure research has gone into the hand dryer so it gives the best resultDyson_AB14_airblade_dB_sidebar_specs_

Market pull would have an impact on the design as it is somethingimages that is needed in most public places and is used very frequently especially in bathrooms and restaurants etc. The demand for fast hand dryers is very high and so the better this product gets the more people will want it, also this specific hand dryer makes less noise than other ones which plays a major role in public places !

Product evolution

The mobile phone evolution has changed dramatically over the years not only its shape, size and colors but its systems as well. The first mobile was introduced to the market in 1983 by the Motorola company. By the time of 1989 the design of the newest mobile device has changed in size as it was a lot smaller and easier to carry around. IN 1994 Nokia has introduced there model of first mass-produced GSM phone, they had got rid of the big antenna wires and had more of a modern look to them. 1993 the first PDA/phone was released and had a massive success, this was the beginning of the new style of mobile phones. Smartphones which is what is used now a days was created in 1998. As the years went by the design of this product got better by 2007 Apple had released there first I-phone with a full touchscreen processor. However by 2015 most smartphones are touchscreen and are massively smaller than how they started out.